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An original and challenging puzzle game with excellent graphics and sound effects, totally customisable
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6 September 2001

Editor's review

Raise your right hand if you've never played Tetris. You have? Well, then. Raise your left hand if you played Tetris but never experienced the desire to stop the pieces falling, pick the one you like and place it somewhere in the middle of your holey construction. Now put your hands down and have a look at Clear It!
Clear It! is a puzzle game where you have to lift the tetris-like pieces off the waiting line and place in on the playboard. The pieces are colored, which makes the game harder than the original Tetris. You score points for vanished pieces - you make them vanish if you place pieces of one color in a rectangle or anything resembling it.
There are four levels in all: Easy, Standard, Twisty and Patch. Ideally, you can change the board size and many other settings of the game, thus keeping the novelty of it present, but this does not seem to work in the trial version. The latter also has a limit on points scored and automatically ends the game once you reach the 600 points border. Download this addictive game today and have a good time!

Publisher's description

This original and challenging shape-fitting puzzle game has excellent graphics and sound effects, and can be customised to create a zillion variants. Basically, you place one- or two-coloured Tetris shapes on a grid. When you make a rectangle of a certain size and one colour, the rectangle and all connected squares of the same colour vanish. There is a score limit in the evaluation version.
Clear It!
Clear It!
Version 3.0
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